Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Postmatch interview with Viktorija Golubic

(Q) Viktorija Golubic def (5) Kiki Bertens 6-2 6-2

Young, nice and with an powerful one handed backhand, surely the Swiss made a great impression on the second day of Bad Gastein's WTA international. Viktorija, at her first main draw appearance took down the 5th seed and world n°66 Kiki Bertens, by giving her no rhythm and producing great winners, making the almost 200 places in the ranking of difference look impossible and probably, in not much time, the gap won't be as big. Following the interview I recorded with her after the match:

Congrats on your win today, I think it was the biggest of your career so far. Since the ITF you’ve won in Brescia you’ve been doing really well, what happened?

It was actually, at the beginning of the year, when I started I was 700 in the world, but I started to play better and better and I won two 10k and 25k Brescia, starting from qualifies. You know, it’s just a process, it’s not like something of two weeks, but it’s been the work of 10 years and, yeah, it’s getting better.

Today you played a really solid match against Bertens, while she was evidently bothered by your game. I was really impressed by your backhand, it’s not common to see young women playing with one handed backhand. How come?

Well, I actually played both-handed forehand and backhand when I was small, but then I switched to one handed and well, it fits better my game, because, you know, many different things and I feel very free with it. I think the backhand now it’s a very good shot of mine.

Definitely, you can produce so much power and pace through it. At the moment what are you working on though?

I am working on…everything. Everything has to get better, it’s not like, you know, it’s like step by step and it doesn’t go quickly. You have to be patient and, you know I am still working on my game everyday on court.

Have you had the time to check the draw?

Yes, tomorrow I am playing Hlavackova. I don’t really know her well, I’ve seen her playing now and maybe on television once (laughs). Well, I don’t know now, but I’ll prepare the match and be ready for the next round.

Of course best of luck for tomorrow.

Thank you.

Anyways, what are your next goals?

Oh well…my next goal now is to qualify for Grand Slams, you know, to play Qualies on such big tournaments first and then of course top 200 and, you know…(smiles)

Before leaving you, just one more question, which surface do you prefer?

That’s actually a really interesting question, because, I think I love all of them…and this year I also played on grass, not a match, but a practice but I liked it too, I think it’s really good for my slice…I don’t mind, I like everything actually.

So maybe we’ll see again next year in Wimbledon?

Who knows? (laughs)

Thank you for your time and kindness and best of luck for tomorrow.

Thank you.

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