Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bad Gastein R1 - Postmatch interview with Lisa-Maria Moser

Lisa-Maria Moser, 22 years old, she could play her first WTA main draw match thank to a WC, because her ranking of 725 clearly wouldn't have let her in. Yet, in a very nice fight she would overcome Romanian qualifier Elena Bogdan and achieve one of the greatest wins of her career on the home soil of Bad Gastein. It seems unlikely that her Cinderella-like story is going to go any further, as she is meeting Mona Barthel, almost 700 places ahead in the world ranking, but the Austrian girl showed a great fire in her attitude on court today and her game is really worth of a better ranking in the future:

Congrats for today, you played a really good match. How did it feel?

I felt, pretty nervous! I was pretty shaky when I got to the court, but it got better in the first set, then suddenly worse in the second, but I thought “ok, you’ve got the first set, so just calm down” and I lost a little bit of, you know, but then in the third set it was good again so…

Yeah, you played really good drop-shots in the third, did you plan them or was it an adjustment?

Well, I like to play them actually, but I kinda forgot. (laughs) I thought, just don’t make any mistake, just hit in. But I kinda got better in the third, so I just felt more comfortable and went for my dropshots.

They were really amazing.

Thank you.

You come from a pretty disappointing loss from last week in an ITF and then you come here and play a good match and win. How could you do it?

Well, last week I was still tired from the tournament before, because it was in Egypt and it was 42°C everyday and my movement wasn’t that good, because legs were still tired, you know, but it improved and today I felt better and this was one of the biggest points.

You play Mona Barthel next, any idea or thought?

Well I have no ideas, I mean, actually I am 700 and she is 31 in the world, so, actually, I am like, I am going there and will enjoy myself on court and…that’s it (smiles).

Still, it was inspiring to see you winning today, you were really happy and the crowd enjoyed it too, it felt great. (she blushes) But what are you next plans now?

Well next week there’s a 10k in Austria, near my home town, so I am playing this one and then one week practice and then, we will see, I still have to enter tournaments, I just have to see, but I think I will stick to smaller tournaments for now (laughs).

In any case, good luck for tomorrow, as for now.

Thank you.

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