Monday, October 28, 2013

A normal day in the office

Alarm at 5:20am to go down to Devon for a tennis tournament, of course it's the day of the biggest storm of the year.
I check trains to see if they are running and I see they go, all of them but one. The first of my awfully long series.
My garden after the storm
Think fast, easy to say, but it's damn 5am...ok, if I take a bus, then the tube I can make it to the station I need. Run.
A quick look outside and I see that there is a tree where yesterday I had my clothes drying in the wind...oh well, ain't no time for that.
Everyone is waiting for news
I make it to the station, on time, but of course everything is getting cancelled or delayed...thankfully my train is not cancelled, but it will run or, better, walk slowly through the storm.
I reach my last coincidence city 45 minutes late only to find out that the railway it's flooded, so they are trying to organize a bus. Don't ask me why but I found it hilarious.
During the travel I get to know an Italian tennis player, Giulia Gatto Monticone, she's very cool and she as well agrees to have an interview tomorrow.
Quite a little water

The green valleys of Devon are flooded and at times it's almost scary to look out of the window, but eventually I reach Barnstaple.
It's almost 1pm. Time for my job to start, on court, taking pics and contacting players for interviews.
A normal day in the office.

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