Sunday, August 18, 2013

Carreno-Busta vs Burquier, both keep living different dreams

It will be the final that you wouldn't expect, mostly because of the French player, who clearly played some of the best tennis of his career to get this far. Burquier will have to face for the first time in this tournament a player who's not from Italy as in his way to this final played Virgili and Giannessi, before upsetting two of the favourite players for the title Volandri and Starace. Especially in his semifinal, Gregoire showed a great mental attitude towards the match, contrary to what Starace did.
The French player seemed to exactly know what to do and when, staying focused for most of the match, but a small black-out when he got an early break in the second set and suffered the Italian comeback. Gregoire was really solid from the baseline and only the dropshots from Starace seemed to be able to hurt him, but even that didn't last long and the Italian lost the cool and ended up losing a match that probably considered a good match up for a semifinal.
The other semifinal featured the biggest favourite for the title, Italian reigning champion and first seed Paolo Lorenzi, playing the most in-form player of this season, Spanish Pablo Carreno-Busta. The Spaniard, who was close to the top 100 no longer than two springs ago, he found himself out of the top 600 at the start of this season, but with humility he went back to futures and week after week, title on title he got back to top 100 and with other great results he conquered his best ranking last week at n°90 in the world, but will go further next week, whatever the outcome of this final will be.
His defensive game that reminds a little of his compatriot Ferrer, made him a built a wall which forced Lorenzi to go more and more for high-risk shots. The Italian hence, could find some peak moments in which he looked on the verge of taking a decisive lead, but those moments would soon be followed by moments in which all the risks didn't pay off and the level of the Spaniard barely ever changed for good nor bad and in the end it was his consistency that paid off the most, giving him a 7-6 (5) 7-5 and a place as a clear favourite in the final.

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